Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/CONonymous

Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/CONonymous

Beautiful/Anonymous is a podcast hosted Chris Gethard. He receives calls from random humans. He tweets out a phone number. One person gets through. They never  say their name. He isn’t allowed to hang up for an hour. That’s it.

Beautiful/Anonymous first began in 2016 and has amassed a large, dedicated, and interactive fan base over. The podcast was featured on This American Life and was recently named one of the best podcasts of the decade by Paste Magazine.

We could think of no better, more logical event surrounding an intimate, one-on-one, anonymous podcast than with a FOUR DAY CONVENTION, aptly titled Beautiful/CONonymous.

Fans are invited to descend upon Brooklyn, New York this May so they can congregate amongst one another, enjoy live tapings of the podcast, meet previously ANONYMOUS callers in the flesh, watch some of the best comedians in the world ply their trade, enjoy live music from past callers and friends of the podcast, and party amongst other introverted fans of intimate audio.