The Jukebox

The Jukebox

Karaoke and comedy collide at THE JUKEBOX, a monthly performance series uniting comedians, writers, storytellers and actors around a shared fondness for karaoke. Everyone on the line-up performs something inspired by a song — be it stand-up, a story, or a written piece — then sings that song karaoke. Performers choose their own songs based on the theme for that month’s show; each one is a type of playlist or mixtape, and the theme for this edition is “Home.” Hosted by Steve Heisler, Steve Jacobs and Margaret Lyons.

June 18, 2013
Rob Sheffield, Joe Garden, Erin Judge, Jon Bass & more!

May 21, 2013
David Wain, Janeane Garofalo, Griffin Newman, Pete Grosz & more!

April 16, 2013
Kate McKinnon, Josh Gondelman, Brian Raftery, Mara Wilson and Carolyn Castiglia

March 19, 2013
John Hodgman, Ted Travelstead, Conner O’Malley, Brooke Van Poppelen, Chet Siegel

February 19, 2013
Featuring Christian Finnegan, Lizz Winstead, Victor Varnado & more!

January 15, 2013
Featuring Dave Hill, Julieanne Smolinski, Mary Guiteras and Samantha Martin

December 18, 2012
Featuring Pete & Pete (Danny Tamberelli & Mike Maronna), David Rees, Mamrie Hart and Sam Reiff-Pasarew