Marianne Ways has been producing live comedy and music events in New York City since 2003 and in 2017 was hailed as a “tastemaker” and “Brooklyn’s premier booker” by The New York Times. She is currently the Producer of “Butterboy with Jo Firestone, Aparna Nancherla and Maeve Higgins,” “Jean and John” with Jean Grae and John Hodgman, “Sasheer Zamata Party Time,” and “Shouting at the Screen” with Wyatt Cenac and Donwill. Marianne was producer of “Night Train with Wyatt Cenac” which ran as a live weekly comedy show from 2012 until 2017, and premiered in June 2016 as a series on NBC Digita’s Seeso. Additional producing credits include the award-winning comedy-variety show “Hot Tub with Kurt & Kristen,” “How Was Your Week?” LIVE with Julie Klausner and Ted Leo, The State reunion at Festival Supreme, “Night of the Living with Kurt Braunohler,” “Bro’in Out” with Leo Allen and Tony Camin, “Fancy Meeting You Here” with Dave Hill and Carl Arnheiter, Wet Hot American Summer 10-Year Anniversary Live, among others.

Marianne previously acted as Comedy Agent at The Gersh Agency in New York, Talent Buyer at Union Hall and Bell House in Brooklyn,  Talent Buyer for Comix Comedy Club and 92Y Tribeca’s “Comedy Below Canal,” Events and Promotions Director for The Onion newspaper, and as tour manager with the Bonnaroo College Comedy Tour and off-Broadway sensation “Puppetry of the Pen!s.” Marianne has also cast various projects including HBO’s “2 Dope Queens,” Seeso’s ”Debate Wars” hosted by Michael Ian Black, and “My Damn Channel Live”.

Production Resume

MWAYS Productions
Booker / Producer / Comedy Consultant / Casting Director
New York, NY – 3/16 to present

Bonnaroo Music and Comedy Festival
Associate Comedy Producer
Manchester, TN – 4/11 to present

Night Train with Wyatt Cenac
Talent Booker / Producer / Executive Producer
Brooklyn, NY – 10/12 to present

Shouting at the Screen
Talent Booker / Producer / Executive Producer
Brooklyn, NY – 8/13 to present

Seeso Presents at SXSW
Talent Booker and Coordinator
New York, NY – 12/16 to 3/17

Soundtraks Live at Sketchfest
San Francisco, CA – 11/16 to 1/17
Featuring: David Wain, Amy Miles, Joe LoTruglio, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Chelsea Peretti, Marisa Ryan, Beth Dover, Wyatt Cenac, Adam Savage, Bobby Tisdale, Matt Ballard, Craig Wedren, John Roderick (The Long Winters), Dave Hill, Jean Grae, Zach Rogue (Rogue Wave), Robin Goldwasser, Jon Spurney, Chris Anderson and Jesse Blockton.

Debate Wars
Casting Director
New York, NY – 4/16 to 8/16

The Gersh Agency
New York, NY – 12/14 to 3/16

MTV’s The State Reunion
Festival Supreme, Los Angeles, CA – 8/14 to 10/14
Featuring: Ken Marino, Joe LoTruglio, Kerri Kenny, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, David Wain, Thomas Lennon, Ben Garant, Kevin Allison, Todd Holoubek, and Michael Patrick Jann.

Union Hall / The Bell House
Talent Buyer / Comedy Booking Consultant
Brooklyn, NY – 8/13 to 12/14

How Was Your Week? LIVE! with Julie Klausner and Ted Leo
Talent Booker / Producer
Brooklyn, NY – 10/11 to present
Guests Include: Fred Armisen, Paul F. Tompkins, Billy Eichner Sandra Bernhard, Ira Glass, Tom Scharpling, Martha Plimpton, Jim Gaffigan, Mike Daisey, Kristen Johnston, Scharpling and Wurster, Aimee Mann, Gabe Liedman, Chris and Bridey Elliott, Siggy Flicker, Pichet Ong, Max Silvestri.

Official Comedy’s “Geeking Out” and “Worst Gig Ever”
Talent Booker
New York, NY – 6/13 to 12/13

Dailymotion’s Profound Minutiae at SXSW
Talent Booker
New York, NY and Austin, NY – 2/13 to 3/13
Guests include: Rob Zombie, Harmony Korine, Chloë Sevigny, Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Natasha Leggero, Alex Winter, Eugene Mirman, Reggie Watts, W. Kamau Bell and Janine Brito of “FX’s Totally Biased” astronaut Ron Garan.

My Damn Channel LIVE
Talent Booker
New York, NY – 3/12 to 12/13
Guests include: David Cross, Andrew WK, Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna (Pete & Pete), Jon Glaser, David Wain, Michael Showalter, Gilbert Gottfried, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sistero (The Room).

Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen
Talent Booker / Producer
Brooklyn, NY – 7/10 to 10/12

Night of the Living with Kurt Braunohler
Talent Booker / Producer
New York, NY – 12/10 to 10/12

Wainy Days Live
New York, NY – 5/12
Featuring: David Wain, Fred Armisen, Janeane Garofalo, Michelle Federer, Matt Ballard, Zandy Hartig, Amy Miles, and Jon Spurney.

Wet Hot American Summer 10 Year Anniversary Shows
New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY – 6/11 to 7/11
Featuring: Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, David Wain, Ken Marino, Marisa Ryan, Marguerite Moreau, H. Jon Benjamin, Zak Orth, Janeane Garofalo, A.D. Miles, Jake Fogelnest, Judah Friedlander, Gideon Jacobs, Amy Miles, Losers Lounge, Pearl and the Beard, and Mike Doughty.

Fancy Meeting You Here
Talent Booker / Producer
New York, NY – 5/09 to 5/11

Bonnaroo College Comedy Tour
Talent and Sponsorship Relations
Various Cities, US – 4/10 to 5/10

Comedy Below Canal at 92Y Tribeca
Talent Booker
New York, NY – 9/09 to 9/10

Foster Entertainment / Puppetry of the Pen!s
Production Associate / Tour Manager
New York, NY and Canada – 8/09 to 2/10

Comix Comedy Nightclub
Associate Director of Programming
New York, NY – 5/08 to 4/09

The Onion
Events and Promotions Director
New York, NY – 1/07 to 5/08

Bobby’s Beautiful Bed and Breakfast for Super Deluxe
New York, NY – 11/06 to 1/07

Bro’in Out with Leo Allen and Tony Camin
Talent Booker / Producer
New York, NY – 11/05 to 8/07

Kevin Allison Sketch Writing Course
Teaching Assistant
New York, NY – 6/04 to 3/05

Wet Hot American Summer Midnight Screenings / STELLA at Fez
Event Coordinator, Production Assistant
New York, NY – 10/03 to 4/04


Bryce Jordan Center Arena
Marketing Coordinator
State College, PA – May 2002 to August 2003